Café Sister Brussels: a sustainable café in the heart of Brussels

Café Sister Brussels: a sustainable café in the heart of Brussels

  • Address: 3 rue chair et pain  1000 Brussels, Belgium
  • Telephone: +32 2 513 22 26
  • Opening hours: Monday till Friday 10:00-23:00 / Saturday 9:00-00:00 /Sunday 9:00-23:00
  • Website:
  • Mailing address:

Discover Café Sister Brussels, where zero waste philosophy meets a unique dining experience.

In the bustling center of Brussels, Café Sister Brussels stands out as a cozy haven, committed to organic rhythm and sustainability. With an impressive 98% organic produce, vegan options and a completely gluten-free offering, this café redefines the dining experience in the Belgian capital.

Commitment to local sustainability: 98% Organic, Vegan and Gluten-Free Products

In an effort to offer the best to its customers, Sister Brussels is committed to local sustainability. With an outstanding 98% organic products, this establishment not only cares for the health of its visitors, but also for the well-being of local suppliers. In addition, with vegan and gluten-free options ranging from beers to breads and desserts, Sister Brussels ensures an inclusive and respectful dining experience for diverse food preferences.

Non-Stop cuisine and homemade experience

Sister Brussels is not just a café, it's a place where the cooking never stops. With a non-stop offering, this establishment satisfies its customers' cravings at any time of the day. But what makes this experience even more special is that all the food is homemade. From vegan dishes to gluten-free options, every bite is an authentic expression of dedication to quality and sustainable pleasure.

Café Sister Brussels: a sustainable café in the heart of Brussels

Events on the 1st Floor: beyond food and beverage

Sister Brussels' commitment to the community goes beyond offering exceptional food and drink. On its second floor, this venue hosts daily events and diverse activities, creating a space where people can share, learn and enjoy at their own pace. With painters, photographers and artists contributing exceptional exhibitions and concerts, Sister Brussels becomes a meeting point for creativity and fun.

Freshness and sustainability in every sip: wellness juices and organic beers

Freshness and sustainability are key pillars at Sister Brussels. From the up-to-the-minute preparation of juices and "Wellness" smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables to the exclusive selection of organic beers from Belgian microbreweries, every detail highlights the commitment to quality and respect for the environment.

Café Sister Brussels: a sustainable café in the heart of Brussels

Sister Brussels, much more than a café

Sister Brussels emerges as a dining destination that goes beyond the conventional. Offering 98% organic products, vegan and 100% gluten-free options, along with its non-stop kitchen and events on the second floor, this café redefines the culinary experience in Brussels. To discover Café Sister Brussels is to immerse yourself in a world where freshness, sustainability and community converge in a unique and delicious experience. Welcome to a sustainable haven in the heart of Brussels!

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